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Hello and welcome to my homepages. This will be a brief explanation on hypnosis and hypnotherapy. My name is Nina Rope and I am a qualified hypnotherapist after graduating in 2003 from the ICHP (Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy) in Dublin, Ireland. I have also 12 years career as airline pilot, and I use this aviation knowledge to help clients with the fear of flying. I also use hypnosis on various other problems and symptoms, like low self-esteem, guilt feelings, anxiety and stress, to name a few.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is used to discover the cause of the nervous disorders and problems. Most symptoms have their roots deep in the chilhood. When the origin of e.g. the fear or anxiety is found, it is then treated therapeutically from an adult point of view after which the symptom will become much lighter or disappear totally. Hypnosis is needed only in order to access the subconscious mind where all our feelings and memories exist. Hypnoanalysis reveals and thus removes the cause, and consequently relieves the symptoms. This type of therapy normally requires 5-7 weekly 2-hour sessions

Client will also get a hypnosis-mp3 which will inforce the positive changes that will be started at the therapy. The idea is to listen to it daily.

General information on hypnosis:
Hypnosis is a trance like state and everyone has the ability to enter into a trance. Everyday people slip into natural trance states when they become absorbed in watching television, reading a book or even driving. Hypnotherapy is treatment for mental and emotional problems using hypnosis to help people. It works by lulling the person into a state of relaxation that then gives access to the subconscious mind. In hypnosis there is absolutely no question of being controlled or manipulated, or even induced into a deep trance state. A person in hypnosis is not asleep - they are often more aware of what is taking place than usual and their senses function more efficiently than normal. The state of hypnosis, a totally natural phenomenon, is most pleasant and particularly relaxing and a person can converse easily whilst within the state. It is inconceivable that any harm could befall them.
A good definition of hypnosis is: A state of relaxation and concentration at one with a state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion. Nobody could possibly be made to do or say anything against their own will and a person would be shocked out of the hypnotic state immediately if any such action was suggested.

You will find your therapist to be a caring professional totally devoid of any mystical or magical powers! No swinging watches - just a reassuring manner to put you at ease, and the expertise to help you with your problem.

Hypnotherapy can successfully treat:

Stress / Fear of flying / Phobias

Concentration / Anxiety / Motivation

Inferiority / Relaxation / Mild Depression

Slimming / Fears & Compulsions / Shame

Guilt feelings / Self-esteem / etc.

Or other problems of a psychosomatic nature, i.e. caused by the mind.

However, schizophrenia and psychosis are better treated with other types of professional therapies.

Clinical Hypnotherapy 2024 150€ / 2hr session

Please contact initially by email.

e-mail: nrhypno(at)

NR-Hypno is located nowadays in Orimattila region and can only be reached by car. Exact address will be given when booking the first appointment.

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